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You are a community group if:

• you sell food solely for the purposes of raising funds for charity and those handling food are mostly volunteers,


• you are a not-for-profit body.


Your group’s classification will depend on the food safety risks involved in handling the type of of foods you plan to sell. Class 2 and Class 3 will require extra resources to ensure food safety.



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More information

  • Food safety obligations are matched to the level of risk involved in the handling of food.
  • When deciding what type of food to sell consider what arrangements will best suit your organisation, your volunteers and event.
Class 2 badge

Class 2 – Level of food safety risks

As Class 2 activities involve the greatest risk, you must:

  • handle the food safely. This includes using a food safety program which sets out how to handle high risk food;
  • if the activity continues for more than 2 days, have a food safety supervisor; and
  • register with council.
Class 3 badge

Class 3 – Level of food safety risks

As Class 3 activities are medium risk, you must:

  • handle the food safely and keep some basic records about activities; and
  • register with council.
Class 4 badge

Class 4 – Level of food safety risks

As Class 4 activities are the lowest food safety risk, they have the simplest requirements. You must:

  • handle the food safely; and
  • make a once off notification to council of the activity.
Do Food Safely
Free online training course for volunteers
Your volunteers can learn more about food safety through the department's free online training course "Do Food Safely".
Council chamber icon
Council environment health officers are the best source of advice on running a safe community food fundraiser or stall – contact your council