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Picture of sausage sizzle

Are you doing a simple sausage sizzle ONLY?

Your fund raising sausage sizzle activity should be limited to selling only sausages with onions, sauces and bread only.

Food safety tips-Class 4 premises-Sausage sizzles, October 2011 (opens in new window)

Guide to food safety regulation for community groups-Sausage sizzles, October 2011 (opens in new window)

Picture of cakes without cream

Are you doing a cake stall ONLY?

If you are selling fully cooked cakes ( i.e not cheesecake) which are wrapped/covered and do not contain fillings made from fresh cream, custard or uncooked eggs your premises will be classified as a low risk activity. However, if you sell cakes containing fillings made from fresh cream and uncooked eggs, they are more risky and your premises classification will change to reflect this risk. If you are selling both types of cakes, your premises classification will be classified at the highest risk food handling activity.

Community group cake stalls Tips (opens in new window)

Guide to food safety regulation for community groups – cake stalls (opens in new window)

Picture of hamburger, meats, and hamburger buns

Are you doing a BBQ for a maximum of up to two consecutive days?

Your BBQ can include hamburgers, sausages, other meat or eggs which are all cooked and served immediately. Your premises will be classified based on the number of consecutive days over which this activity takes place.

Do Food Safely
Free online training course for volunteers
Your volunteers can learn more about food safety through the department's free online training course "Do Food Safely".
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Council environment health officers are the best source of advice on running a safe community food fundraiser or stall – contact your council