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Step 04

Do you sell foods such as casseroles, curries and unpackaged cream cakes,










Unpackaged cream cake


or any other high risk food
involving a cook/chill and/or reheat process,





or cooked and held hot process (e.g. in a bain marie),




or prepare ready-to-eat foods containing raw ingredients such as:


sandwiches on plate






scones and cream


Scones and cream

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Image of sandwiches

High risk food

Means food that has to be kept at certain temperatures to minimise the impact of bacteria that could grow or produce toxins in food.

Image of cream cakes

Cook / chill and/or reheat process

Meals or meal components are fully cooked, then subsequently stored at a temperature below 5°C, prior to reheating or serving chilled.

Image of curry

Cooked and held hot

Food is cooked at one particular time and held hot with the intention that the food is served over a period of time.


Ready-to-eat food

Ready-to-eat food is food that is ready for consumption, and includes food that may be re-heated, portioned or garnished or food that undergoes similar finishing prior to being served.

Do Food Safely
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Your volunteers can learn more about food safety through the department's free online training course "Do Food Safely".
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