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Temporary and mobile premises, for example stalls, tents, or marquees, or halls that you use occasionally

Temporary food premises

  • Stalls, tents or marquees (or any other structure that is not permanently fixed to a site) from which food is sold or handled for sale, such as at a market or festival
  • halls, or other like buildings, which you don’t own or lease, but use occasionally and from which you sell food or handle it for sale.
Mobile premises, for example vans, trailers or carts that sell snacks

Mobile food premises

Vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold or handled for sale.

Fixed premises, for example a canteen, cafe, or restaurant

Fixed premises

A permanent site such as a building (for example a café or restaurant) from which food is sold or handled for sale. (This includes food prepared for catering for payment.) Often the site will be used regularly.

It also includes operating from a building or part of a building:

  • for a considerable period of time (such as a school canteen or a football club’s kitchen and kiosk used during the football season); or
  • when the food business or community group owns or formally leases (and therefore has control over) the site even if it is only used occasionally.
Do Food Safely
Free online training course for volunteers
Your volunteers can learn more about food safety through the department's free online training course "Do Food Safely".
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Council environment health officers are the best source of advice on running a safe community food fundraiser or stall – contact your council